West Acres Plantscape

Memo of Understanding Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society (NPBGS) & West Acres 
Development, LLP 

Purpose: To provide a fee for goods and services to beautify and maintain interior and designated exterior landscaping at West Acres in 2016 

Purpose: To provide marketing and public relations opportunities to benefit NPBGS and West Acres within the Fargo-Moorhead community 
The Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society will provide services such as layout, design, and execution for 9 seasonal product updates, access and delivery of product, labor required for design updates, and other projects as assigned, in exchange for a fee from West Acres Development, LLP 


Ongoing interior and exterior plant design and maintenance, to include design in the Fountain Court area, Food Court and all existing and future planters within the facility. 
The Northern Plain Plains Botanic Garden Society will collaborate with the West Acres team to implement and monitor design and maintain a healthy, vibrant and beautiful supply of plants throughout the designated areas for a period of three years, calendar year 2016, 2017, and 2018 with a quarterly review if needed, and thirty day cancellation clause if services are no longer required. The cost per year will be agreed upon annually, based on the annual inflation rate, scope of work, to be agreed upon by both partners. 
Partners (NPBGS/ West Acres) will meet four times a year, or as needed to maintain communication, expectations and seasonal design. 
Change out/ design updates will include: 
Interior - Valentine's Day, Spring/Easter, Summer, Fall, Holiday 
Exterior - Summer, Fall, Holiday 
John Zvirosvski, Horticultural Consultant, will provide design details to West Acres for approval four weeks prior to design updates and changes to allow for feedback and final approval by West Acres. 
West Acres will be responsible for all costs associated with plant material and supplies to maintain the internal and external display plants and gardens. 


Supplies include but are not limited to plant products, soil, and systemic insecticide, water absorbing pellets. The Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society will pass on bulk discount savings to West Acres Development, LLP with no markup on product. The Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society will deliver product to West Acres to save West Acres staff time. 

Maintenence of watering equipment is the responsibility of West Acres to include repairs and cost to maintain and upkeep equipment.