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Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society (NPBGS)

Founded in April of 1998 by North Dakota State University horticulturist Dr. Chiwon Lee and a group of motivated individuals, the organization received its non-profit 501(c)(3) status in 1999 and maintains a 9-member Board of Directors to oversee and guide its development.

NPBGS maintains the Northern Plains Botanic Garden at Yunker Farm Park in north Fargo.

In early 2018 we reached a new agreement with the Fargo Park District to enhance and expand the botanic garden over a six-acre area along 28th Avenue North in Fargo.

With the dedication of members and community volunteers, NPBGS manages the botanic garden, the plant displays at West Acres Shopping Center, and the Northern Plains Farmers Market at West Acres.



The Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society enriches and promotes our community through the culture and utilization of plants.


The Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society is committed to the understanding,
promotion, and appreciation of horticulture in the Northern Great Plains.

We serve the public by providing educational gardening opportunities.

We seek to enrich our community and the common good through the use of plants.

We promote good stewardship of the environment.

Promoting Community through Gardens, "civitati faventes horti"


  • Establish and operate a botanic garden, conservatory, and arboretum in the Northern Great Plains.

  • Enrich and beautify surrounding communities by enhancing knowledge of horticulture.

  • Enhance economic development within the region and be a tourist attraction.

  • Promote an appreciation for both native and exotic plants.


  • Promote home gardening and quality landscaping in the region.

  • Provide a forum for the interaction and exchange of ideas amongst plant enthusiasts.


  • Provide leadership for horticultural activities in the region.

  • Develop educational opportunities in horticulture for the general public.

Meet the Board

Organization Information

Annual Reports, Constitution, By-Laws, and Tax Documents

Lou Worner

Staff Gardener

The secret to our botanic gardens looking and feeling great everyday – the friendly staff gardener extraordinaire, Lou.

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