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The NORTHERN PLAINS BOTANIC GARDEN SOCIETY (NPBGS), in response to inquiries, and as a development tool, is creating opportunities for tributes, memorials, and monetary gifts. NPBGS welcomes the opportunity to assist donors in creating or establishing an appropriate memorial in memory of their loved ones at the Northern Plains Botanic Garden. 


The Board of Directors desires to establish clear and appropriate guidelines for these memorials for the following reasons:


1. To create a formal agreement between donors and the NPBGS, thereby eliminating future misunderstandings and to benefit the progress of the site development.


2 To accept only memorials that relate to the mission and the master plan of the NPBGS.


  •  To accept only memorials which are compatible with aesthetic and design criteria established by the Board.


  • To establish monetary amounts for donor opportunities that are sufficient to honor the subject, person, event, or situation, and where appropriate, an additional amount for maintenance (or replacement) of the memorial.


  • To establish an appropriate period of time after which the naming rights, tributes or memorials expire, unless a renewed commitment is made, or provision made, for the renewed commitment.




  • The Board will not approve a memorial of a religious or political nature. The Board reserves the right to determine whether the content of a proposed memorial is religious or political in nature.


  • A Memorial Fund has been established. Memorial funds will be recorded in a reference book available for public viewing upon request.


  • Any signs or identification labels on or near the memorial item will only make reference to names or events, and will be of a size, design, and location as determined by the NPBGS.


  • Damage by natural causes shall not be the responsibility of the NPBGS. This shall not be cause for the NPBGS to replace the memorial.




The Master Plan locates gardens throughout the site. The potential for a memorial by sponsoring a garden is available. Inquire with the NPBGS about garden memorials.




The Master Plan designates many areas for new tree planting. The potential for designating a memorial tree is available.


Individual tree memorial locations shall follow the Master Plan in location and species. The cost to the donor associated with the memorial tree is intended to furnish the Society with sufficient funds to purchase and maintain the tree(s), and possibly tree replacement. Trees have a relatively low initial cost, but have high maintenance costs over the life of the tree. Watering, pruning, and treating for diseases can consume a large part of the maintenance budget. A sum of $5000 per tree is required. The life of the tree shall be set at 10 years after which the NPBGS bears no responsibility to maintain the memorial.




The Master Plan makes provisions for special items of construction throughout the development. To maintain the character of design in each area of the site, the NPBGS, will make the final decisions as to need, location, design, materials, and appropriate nature. It is suggested that a meeting be arranged to create an agreement.


Because a bench is a popular memorial and relatively easy to define, a minimum sum of $5,000 is required. Bench style, materials and character will be determined by the NPBGS.




Memorial gifts of less than $5,000 that are not otherwise designated shall be put into general operating funds.

Approved by the NPBGS Board of Directors on 14 April 2022 

Click to download the full Memorial and Naming Policy
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