Edible Forest Tours

Free guided tours led by Jim Walla in which we will walk around the outer loop of the orchard and discuss kinds of and care for fruit trees, mostly those that produce larger fruit or the inner loop of the orchard, and discuss kinds of and care for small fruit.


Jim Walla, Tree Doctor

Northern Tree Specialties


For ease of discussion, each tour group will be limited to about 15 people. Individual tours will be cancelled if less than 3 people are attending, so be sure to RSVP if you want to attend.  If you have questions, please contact Jim Walla at Northerntrees@outlook.com.


The Edible Forest is a demonstration orchard started in 2019 at Yunker Farm in north Fargo. It is a project of the Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society (NPBGS). Its intent is two-fold.

First, it will show the range of potential kinds of fruits and nuts that can be grown in our region. That is much more than you might think.  Click Here for the Edible Forest Guide PDF.


Second, it will allow people to learn about the traits of each kind of plant and some of the specific care that will allow each to thrive and be most productive.


The Edible Forest includes many of the usual types of fruit trees and shrubs, e.g., apples and raspberries. It also includes a number of fruit and nut trees that are much less commonly grown in our region, e.g., mulberries, shipova, hickory, seedless table grapes, and hazelnuts. After their first full growing season in the orchard in 2020, the plants are developing nicely.


Tours will be held at least monthly from now into fall, depending on interest.  Some will be on Saturdays and some during the week.  Special tours for groups can be arranged.

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