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Geocaching Adventure

To participate, you need to download the Adventure Lab app from your smart phone's app store and create a free geocaching account.


The Adventure App allows visitors to tour 10 locations in any order. Once visitors are within a set geofence (GPS coordinates), they will be prompted to answer a question observable at that location. Once they answer the question correctly, the very short “journal entry” and a photo pop up.

NOTE: You will find all answers at posted coordinates, but several locations contain video content for those who wish to learn more. 


This Adventure was created by Gia of Food of the North in collaboration with NPBGS & Visit Fargo-Moorhead. 

NPBGS VT Adventure.jpg

360-Degree Virtual Tour

Be More Colorful’s Matthew Chaussee has used his skills to show us all that there is more than one way to experience the beauty of the garden. By creating a virtual 360-degree tour of the Northern Plains Botanic Garden, those who may not be able to experience the garden in person can now get a glimpse of its summer beauty. Revel in the summer glory of the gardens in what we hope is the first step in many new initiatives to come.

This virtual tour was created in September, 2023, by using 360-degree photos and aerial drone photography of the Northern Plains Botanic Garden in Fargo, North Dakota. 

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