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Garden & Greenhouse crew

There are eight gardens on location at the Northern Plains Botanic Garden. Each location has several varieties of blooming plants, annuals, and/or perennials. Annuals provide all-season color while perennials may bloom for only one month or a week or two.

What the NPBGS provides:

NPBGS independent garden contractors provide direction for garden and greenhouse volunteers. NPBGS supplies the plants, hand tools, and other equipment needed to maintain the gardens. Plant costs will be covered by NPBGS. We will amend the soil and till if needed. Volunteers are welcome to help with this as they are able. We will also take care of fertilizing and any chemical use. We will set up a watering schedule to assure regular watering throughout the growing season. Volunteers may wish to help with this.


What Volunteers provide:
Volunteers provide their time and energy. Volunteers help transplant annuals in our greenhouse and prepare them for spring planting. Volunteers work with the team to maintain, weed, and care for the plants in our gardens including caring for small shrubs and trees.  A volunteer watering schedule is established for the summer. Throughout the growing season, volunteers remove dead flowers and leaves, and in the fall volunteers clean debris and prepare for winter. Trained volunteers till and amend the soil, apply fertilizer and chemicals, and prune under supervision of our independent garden contractors.

Timing: May – September
Schedule: Weekdays. Some weekends as needed.


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